Destoning Machines

Model MO500 destones and strains the fruit. It is intended for obtaining optimal, homogenous mash without stones. It is made of stainless steel and is simple to use and maintain.


Model MO500:                                                                                             

Dimensions: 1100x800x1350mm

Motor power: 3kW

Capacity: 500 kg/h

Delivery is with one screen with holes of diameter greater than 1 mm.

Optional equipment: screens of 0.2mm (for rosehip), 0.5mm (for raspberries), 1mm (for tomatoes), 5mm (for cherries), 8mm (for plums) and 10mm (for apricots)

Destoning machine MO500

*Notice: Picture may vary from the delivered product for the reasons of continuous improvement of our models.