Pasteurizers allow the preservation of fruit and vegetable juices without chemical additives. We offer a variety of models made of stainless steel to meet different needs of our customers.


Continuous - gas pasteurizer PSG 270

Continuous – gas pasteurizer PSG 270


Electric continuous pasteurizer PS100E


















Batch pasteurizer PS FIT


PS G270
PS 50
PS 100
DescriptionContinuous, gas pasteurizerBatch pasteurizer50 l container with a tap and a thermostat Continuous, electrical pasteurizer
DimensionsØ550x2200mm1800x860x620mmVolume=50 lØ550x1900mm
Capacity270 l/h72 l/batch40 l/h100 l/h
Power1 kg propane butane for 40 l of juice8 kW3 kW12 kW


Optional equipment:

-Bottle filling equipment of 30 l with 3 taps

-A ”Bag-in-Box” stand

-A crown cap bottle corker – manual and pneumatic

-A juice transport pump to the pasteurizer tank

-A collecting tank of pasteurized juice – 30 l with the tap 1/2” and lid

PS G270 sa punilicom za flaše i butan bocom

PS G270 with the filling equipment and the butane bottle


Our most popular model PS G270

The pasteurizer is made entirely of stainless steel for food industry and is intended for fast juice pasteurization after pressing the juice. The pasteurizer is made with the continuous spiral heat exchanger heated by hot water. The capacity of pasteurization is 200 l/h. A 30 kW gas burner, designed to work with butane bottles, is used to heat the water.

A fresh juice tank is above the pasteurizer and is refilled periodically by a separate pump.The pasteurizer is set to the pasteurizing temperature 75-80°C. This system enables fast pasteurization after pressing the fruit-juice in order to eliminate fruit-juice oxidation. Fruit-juice pasteurized in this way has a shelf life longer than 1 year.