Pasteurizers allow the preservation of fruit and vegetable juices without chemical additives. We offer a variety of models made of stainless steel to meet different needs of our customers.



Electric continuous pasteurizer PS100E




Batch pasteurizer PS FIT










PS 50E
PS 100E
PS 180E
DescriptionBatch pasteurizer50 l container with a tap and a thermostat Continuous, electrical pasteurizerContinuous, electrical pasteurizer
Dimensions990x360x350mm (internal dimensions)Volume=50 lØ550x1900mmØ550x1900mm
Capacity3x9 l/batch or
40 jars/batch
40 l/h120 l/h180 l/h
Power12 kW3 kW monophase12 kW18 kW


Optional equipment:

-Bottle filling equipment of 50 l with 4 taps

-A ”Bag-in-Box” stand

-A crown cap bottle corker – manual and pneumatic

-A juice transport pump to the pasteurizer tank

-A collecting tank for pressed juice


Punilica za sokove

Bottle filler 50l with 4 taps and Bag-in-Box