TEHNOMAG NS produces the following groups of products:

1. Fire-extinguishing equipment and Irrigation systems: “Storz” Couplings – stationary, suction, delivery, blank caps, reducing adaptors; branch pipes; hydrant and coupling spanners; suction and fire hoses; suction strainers; movable connections; clapper valves; above-ground hydrants; hydrant standpipes B/2C; hydrant cabinets; irrigation sprinklers.


2. Machines and equipment for fruit processing: hydraulic press for making fruit juice; pasteurizer for juice; juice filling machine; pneumatic cap bottling; belt conveyor for fruit dosage into the mill; separator for nuts; nutcracker for walnuts and hazelnuts; fruit seed extractor.


3. Other products: Lift hinges for cold chambers, spark arrestors, gas controller aluminum boxes, transport roller aluminum boxes etc.