Project References

Satisfied customers are the greatest proof of quality and success of our offer.

From the great number of projects we carried out, selected are the following:

  1. “Licht-Design” Munich, Germany – Production of aluminum elements per request – pressure die casting;
  2. “Sintelon-Tarkett” B.Palanka – Air-conditioning of the production section;
  3. “Sintelon-Tarkett” B.Palanka – Engineering purification of waste gases of section PVC 4m;
  4. “Sintelon-Tarkett” B.Palanka – Device for chalk storage and transport;
  5. ”Tarkett” B.Palanka – Engineering the biomass boiler room – 7 MW thermal oil boiler with pneumatic transport of sawdust;
  6. ”Tarkett” B. Palanka – Engineering storage and transport of powdered materials;
  7. ”Tarkett” B. Palanka – Reconstruction of the heat substation in the gas boiler room;
  8. Hotel ” 6. Maj” Novi Sad – Engineering HVAC with heat pumps;
  9. Municipal Heating Plant ”Bečej” – Solving vibration problems on circular pumps;
  10. ”Meat & Trade” Novi Sad – Engineering HVAC with heat pumps for administration offices and production plant;
  11. “PMV” Stockholm – Sweden, ”ZS Licht Design” Munich – Germany, ”ACM” – Italy – Pressure die casting of aluminum elements per request;
  12. Production of hydraulic shears for scrap metal – USA, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy;
  13. ”Jugopan” doo Novi Sad – Cable stripper for cables up to d=160mm;
  14. ”Jugopan” doo Novi Sad – Reversible drier for copper granule drying;
  15. “Potisje-Tondah” Kanjiža – Heating of industrial building for clay drying and preparation;
  16. “Promont Group” Novi Sad – Production of complete gas controller aluminum boxes;
  17. ZZ “Jankovci” Jankovci, Croatia – Repair of wheat dryer damaged in war – capacity 40,000 kg/h.
  18. Šećerana” Sr.Mitrovica (Sugarplant) – Device for Calcium-Sulphate dosage;
  19. Šećerana” Sr.Mitrovica (Sugarplant) – Separator for rock and sugar beet separation;
  20. “Bar Bilje” Zubin Potok – Engineering of the factory for mushroom and medicinal herb buying/selling and processing;
  21. “Kooperant” Gložan – Center for wheat ransom, drying, transport and storage;
  22. Dairies: Novi Sad, Subotica, Senta, Zemun, Zaječar – Device for milk refrigeration;
  23. Production of hydrant and fire-extinguishing equipment for civil engineering – domestic market leader;